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Out - caught at Silly Mid On.

Well done Sarcs; it's there ain't it and Fawcett caught it; but at SMO there's not a lot of time to think and frame the catch; just reflex. It is a shame this is a 'technical' blog, if ever there was enough 'heat' and this could be transmogrified into bite size pieces for public consumption, I reckon there would be 'trouble at mill'. The very notion that the accident which killed or maimed some loved ones would be investigated by an outfit which was hand in glove with the regulator and that any or all 'systematic' problems would be nullified and the report 'skewed' to suit a predetermined outcome, would send shivers of disgust through the wider community. Predetermined as in there will never be any admission that any of the government agencies could have played even a minor part in an accident event; which is bad enough. But when the public and industry is denied that knowledge; those flawed elements and errors are not only allowed to continue, but are buried never to be addressed and corrected, that is a serious problem. Problem? – oh yes: any contributing factor to an accident, not eliminated, has the potential to be part of the next accident. QED. Have a little think about VA ATR, Mildura, or Canley Vale, or the Darwin Braz, or better yet: look back at the other two Pel-Air hull losses. The pattern is there, clear as day with only the Be-a-Cur, beyond all reason methodology to solve the puzzle.

Collusion is an agreement between two or more parties, sometimes illegal and therefore secretive, to limit open competition by deceiving, misleading, or defrauding others of their legal rights, or to obtain an objective forbidden by law typically by defrauding or gaining an unfair market advantage.
To circumvent is to avoid. Someone who trains elephants but somehow gets out of picking up after them has found a way to circumvent the cleaning of the circus tent.

Circum in Latin means "around" or "round about," and vent- comes fromvenire, "to come," but painting a picture from these two parts of the word helps. Picture someone circling around a barrier instead of climbing over it. That's what you do when you circumvent. You find a smart way around rules or barriers, or avoid doing something unpleasant altogether.
To reiterate; Pel-Air was only the tip of a very ugly ice berg. It is not an isolated aberration; but the established norm. Anyone who can believe this was the first time the Dolan-McComic lead teams have played this game may join those who seek fairies at the bottom of the garden club and live happily ever after.

This must be addressed, it is entirely pisspotical to have the investigator a captive of the regulator; not to mention contravening an international treaty. It's nearly as bloody daft as allowing a thief to investigate and decide if he did, indeed commit his own crime. Yet there the elephant sits, encouraged by the unspeakable Albo, now spoon fed by the risible Truss. The public and industry just keep funding this – for the mystique of aviation safety must be maintained, no matter what the cost. For mine the only mystery is how, in the seven hells, have they got away with so much, for so long....


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