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Its not a a forced landing with power, its a precautionary landing
Well, if weather related, yes, though if mechanical, fire, etc. there could be a forced landing with power, I've done a couple.

Forced, or precautionary, the implication is that it's a landing in a place not originally planned, and it's probably a rushed, stressed decision, under deteriorating circumstances. And... aside from the mechanical/fire reason, most pilots have probably waited too long, so it's worse.

If weather caused, there's some chance that you've run up against very poor weather on at least one "side". This could seriously restrict the maneuvering space, so a "normal" circuit will not be possible, and attempting it a bad idea. A part of the practice of forced/precautionary approaches is selecting the landing spot, and setting up your own approach.

It is vital to practice these skills in a training environment. When the aircraft traffic permits (things are very quiet), students should be given short circuit, restricted maneuvering landing scenarios. Another critical aspect, is that once, with partial power, you have decided to land, do not change that decision if the power returns, fulfill your plan, that surge may not last long...
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