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Dungflinger, Mary I like that. Very clevr.

The other thread, agreed, had lost track, but the comment of 5k viz, with broken clag at 400'feet agl, is doable, is total rubbish.

Can I suggest that a lot of posters/pilots have a great sense of selective amnesia. Has anyone recently tried to find a grass strip, scud running at 400, in crap? It is very, no nigh, impossible, unless you know the lie of the land extremely well. Even then, the visual difference between 400-500-600-700-800, differs enormously. The whole visual perspective changes with every 100 feet vertical, and then add in 2 miles a minute horizontally. Tough, very tough. Add blind panic in, then the situation becomes very difficult.

I agree entirely that much more training has to be done, if only to appreciate the very different visual perspectives at low level.
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