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Pick field and direction: as for FLWOP
Inspect: fly down intended landing strip at 400-500 ft AGL, note heading, use time to estimate LRA, continue into wind for 30 secs after end of landing area, pick a landmark, fly crosswind for 30 secs, pick a landmark, fly downwind for 60-75 secs, pick a landmark, fly base for 30 secs, turn onto heading, let down to 50-100 ft
Detailed inspection: as above, climbing to safe height after the inspection until timings say you're back on final approach

All sounds great for the armchair pilot but far removed from reality
For a start the pilot maybe in rain 1000 meter vis or less and down at 250 agl with bits of cloud passing under the aircraft ???

Another method is to pass at 100 feet down wind with the landing area on your left and tear drop back onto a final to actually land. Mary talks a lot of sense from her gliding experience.

How are you in reality going to choose landmarks which might vanish in mist or low cloud ( Reality)
It should be a procedure which is controlled and has an element of VMC and IMC built in.
anything less than an IMC procedure built in is asking for trouble because you cannot be assured of good VMC in reality


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