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Do you believe that, that kind of response is sensible?
On what basis have you determined that the current mandated periods are “sensible”, Arnold? Clearly not on the basis of an objective analysis of data and accident statistics from the single largest GA fleet on the planet.

Your question about the scenario in your post at #79 demonstrates the yawning gap that exists, in Australia, between decisions based on rational analysis of data and risk probabilities and consequences, and your gut feeling about the probabilities and consequences of a “potential problem”. Further, in true Australian style, the solution to the perceived problem is, as always, regulation.

You found an aircraft that had an ASI that over read by 7 knots, out of the factory. From that you extrapolate to the poor junior pilot glued to the ASI, stalling, spinning, crashing and burning. You say that the “skys are filled” with these people.

Oh the humanity.

For every example you can provide of some problem you’ve discovered “out of the factory”, I can provide an example of some problem I’ve discovered “out of the maintenance organisation”.

Perhaps we need more regulation and periodic audits of aircraft manufactures and maintenance organisations? Yes – that’s it. I think we should all be lobbying for more stringent training standards, more stringent recency requirements and more frequent audits of LAMEs and maintenance organisations by CASA. That will help make us safer, yes?
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