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Arnold E
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Very few people in it are able to have a rational discussion, based on facts and data.
I don't believe that I have been irrational. I agreed with you that I could not fly my RV7 in circuits without an asi and gave the reason, ie not enough hours on the aircraft to be confident without an asi. My old Cessna, however is a different story, I had heaps of hours in that and rarely had to refer to the asi on final. Take the case of a recently tested aircraft, again factory produced that was used for training and had an asi that read 7 knots FAST at 70 knots.....7 knots. Now clearly this was not a problem for the owner who was very familiar with the aircraft, but he was using it for training new guys/gals. now the trainee is inexperienced and gets his licence and at about, say 30-40 hrs goes and flys his mates plane of the same type. He does as he is told and flys by the numbers. do you not see, at least, a potential problem here. If you dont then I give up, its become clear to me that at 30-40 hrs total time you were capable of flying the Space Shuttle by feel alone, but let me tell you, the skys are filled with people not as skilled as you.
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