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Or..... Get the rules/AWB's changed so that a GPS system is mandatory. Then you don't need a compass.

Everyone is spouting off about how everyone carries a GPS these days and how they are much more accurate, and they are, but they are not MANDATORY in most circumstances. If you want to ditch the compass forever, get the GPS loaded on to your aircraft as basic equipment in the paperwork and use that as an alternative means of compliance for the compass compensation.

As far as cost for a compass swing, for a wheeled helo, it is only the pilot and mechanics time. As it is a maintenance run, it is not logged on the machine. Not where I come from anyway. Skids are different of course

You can also air swing a compass, flying on the cardinals and working out your errors. That is how a lot of the big aircraft do it. An extended circuit will do it. We used to do it during training with a mech on board to take the readings while the crew flew an extended circuit (long time ago of course!).
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