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I guess what I was getting at was that QF has appointed board member after board member, each one further revealing the mindset of QF management.

Bank execs, finance specialists and now advertising guru's. it just appears that the areas that they are employing top level execs from have had nothing to do with aviation before, resulting in a good focus on finance and marketing but the core of this business (flying punters from A-B) is being neglected when Im sure most would agree is the part of the business that is in desperate need of good experience, expertise and management.

Like I said, This guy is good in his area but is another marketing genius what QF needs? I would've thought some people who bring fleet and route operations strategy etc would be much more useful at the moment.

Only when a product or business has something worth selling do I think the focus should be on the selling!

Get the house in order first THEN start worrying about ad execs I reckon.
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