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Thanks - it wasn't working on the iPad but worked on the laptop. I'm not so much cynical now as disappointed. They have presented some nice data, but done no analysis. I would be far more interested if they had worked out why there was a slight reduction in extra training events and so on across their graduates (amongst others). What are their flying backgrounds apart from University? What sort of extra training were they given at University? Could they draw conclusions to help improve training &c?

Are the people struggling single pilot night freight types with poor CRM? Are they simply not used to the airline's structured training environment which ERAU, UND and so on provide from day 1? Are the universities "pre-training" in the sim which means they have less to learn when they turn up on the jet?

Actually the most interesting in context were the training events vs. hour ranges which look like some more research should be done, which may or may not show the FAA 1500hr rule as counterproductive.

The study could also have been headlined "Instructional experience makes you a better pilot"...
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