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It seems to me that neither of those options is particularly pleasant, practical or even effective; nor are they the only options.

Take the arming of citizens. The gun lobby is fond of saying people, not guns, kill. While people with guns kill, the NRA and friends have a point. Having armed everyone, how do we control what they do? We've seen the 'green on green' attacks within the fully armed military. An armed society would present endless opportunities for would-be martyrs to go out in style.

On the other hand, pervasive high security would make life almost unbearable, and quite ionic if it were in the cause of freedom.

Nor is it a choice of only those two outcomes, arming ourselves or submitting to extreme security.

Both of those measures try to deal with the effect rather than the cause. The cause is certain poisonous messages contained within Islam which when acted upon literally as an expression of faith, produce murder.

The best answer may be to seek reform within Islam. I have no idea how this might be achieved, but it would surely involve what is taught in Islamic schools and what is preached in mosques.

Failure to reform the tenets of Islamic belief with respect to the non-Muslim world can only mean the continuation of atrocities by Islamists until one or other side collapses.

Every effort should be made to achieve reform in Islam. Until then, we should defend our way of life as robustly as we can, but the aim should be that reform.
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