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Of things incredibly ridiculous

It would seem that Sangston is following the CASA ICC model and making sure he is judge, jury and executioner. Unfortunately Sangston once had great potential until becoming Beakerised.
So what we have left in the post Stray/Bills era is 3 x non aviation Commissioners (unbelievable, I know), a lapdog called Sangston, the loss of 200 years worth of investigation skill and a Murky Machiavellian who continues to leave the government of the day frightfully exposed should ever a serious occurrence occur and be attributed in part or whole to issues identified publicly yet covered over!

Message to the world - Why in the name of all things sacred are you allowing the ATSB to be involved in any international matter? These dodgy muppets couldn't find one of Kharons Choccy frogs in a 3 centimetre hole!
Dear world, continue at your own peril. You've been warned.

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