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I have to say that some of the cartoons that have come out in reaction to this awful killing have been superb. The two vertical pencils with the airliner flying towards them was brilliant, as were quite a few others.

I had thought that this outrage might have been the turning point, the straw that broke the camel's back so to speak that would cause all Western media to say 'screw you' and print en masse all the cartoons that continue to outrage the crazies. But no, only a very few publications have had the courage to do this. (Easy for me to say, I know - I don't have a corporate address a crazy can come to to do a reprise on what we saw in Paris. These newspapers and TV stations do. And they have staff whose safety - and lives - they have to consider.)

So, in effect, the crazies have won this round too. They have succeeded in their aim - to send a loud and clear message to the Western media that their prophet is off limits. And the Western media, with a few laudable exceptions, have complied. The rest have pixilated any 'offending' cartoons out in their reports.

Where the crazies have lost is that these attacks seem to have caused a few more people to lose their until now self-imposed blinkers and see what until now, they have refused to see - that we are, in fact, in a state of war. We might not until now have declared that to be so, but the other side has and have made no secret of that fact.

I can only hope that if they pull off another attack on a similar scale to the attacks of September 2001, (a possibility posited yesterday by none less than the head of MI5), the reaction of the West this time will be similar to the reaction to the attack by Japan on the US in 1941 rather than the mealy-mouthed, half-arsed reaction we have seen by the West to date.

If history is anything to go by, the country most likely to give as good as it takes and be willing to strike hard at the root of this madness, (and by that, I mean the men providing the money, not the mindless foot soldiers of islam), is the latest to be attacked - France.

It will be interesting to see what high profile and not so high profile people suffer 'unfortunate accidents' over the next few months.
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