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I've lined up on 20 (the usual runway) at my place when the runway in use has been 02, bear in mind we enter the runway around midway and turn onto the runway in use 'cos I have over 9,000' to have a punt at... Luckily a laconic ATC personage spotted my deliberate mistake which I put down to a senior moment.

I've also called downwind somewhere else when I was deadside descending which caused a few panicked calls from others. I knew I was deadside but the wrong words came out. Engage brain before opening gob.

There have been moments in the past as well when I've gone totally brain dead when approaching an airfield with regards to where I should be to make an overhead join. That is until I had the best piece of advice I've ever had about that sort of thing which I shall repeat here; not teaching you experienced guys how to suck eggs but there might be some newbies here who haven't heard this.

If you are approaching an airfield and the runway in use is '*** RH' then all you have to do is keep the runway/airfield on your right at all times. Same if it's LH, just keep everything on your left. You can't possibly go wrong.

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