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FCeng84 - I do not think unstable aircraft not flyable by humans are the problem. I know such airplanes exist, but your post is the first time I have ever heard that anyone would approve one for passenger service. I have also never heard of a crash that went like "the FBW automation blew a fuse and despite the best efforts of the very skilled pilots, the airplane was just not controllable by anyone without superhuman reflexes so they all died".

What we have seen more than once is some part of the automation/autopilot system - which would be connected to the FBW system if the plane is so equiped but also could be connnected to chains and sprockets in Grandpa's Cessna 150 - and the pilots were utterly unable to take over or even detect what had gone wrong. Air France stalling into the sea and running a Boeing into a seawall were not caused by an airplane that just could not be controlled by hand. You don't even have to have a jet to see this - my local rental nag C-172 has enough electronics so I hardly have to touch the controls except the first few hundred feet and the last couple hundred. I could become helpless flying THAT thing by hand in IMC if Otto is all I ever did
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