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but it is selective evidence G.

There are a heap of other factors such as previous education standard before training which they have completely ignored.

You just have to look at the editorial team

Editorial Board | The Journal of Aviation Technology & Engineering (JATE) | Purdue University Press Open Access Journals | Purdue University

To see there is a distinct bias towards the big players.

It was the same with that Boeing fantasy sale projection requiring thousands of Pilots.

It was touted and dismissed as bollocks.

6 months later, cry's of there is a pilot shortage according to ICAO.

When you looked at, it wasn't ICAO at all it was a ICAO training conference had decided this and funny enough it was all the people who were hanging their pensions on the Boeing report that were there.

I suspect this paper will be flashed about until someone can be bothered ripping holes in it.
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