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Agreed as between NW and Stapleford, north weald would probably a more enjoyable visit. Just don't confuse runway 20 and 02 which has been a "gotcha" for quite a few people.
I did that at Shoreham once.

Won't make that mistake again...

Reminds me of a situation at my home base a couple of months ago (unlicensed grass strip, runways 13 and 31, no ATC, use local military base for cover)

I've just completed power checks at the threshold entry to 13, wind was something like 180/10, when a late radio call comes across from someone who hasn't so far been transmitting suggesting that they are turning to final on 31.

From ATC - 'Wind 180/10 are you sure you want runway 31'. Response 'Affirm, final 31'. I'm thinking 'WTF?'

I can't see them on final which is unusual. All of a sudden there is a roar above me and they touch down on 13, followed by a radio call 'Sorry, had map upside down'.
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