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As the penny drops.

Sarcs - "[to] point out why it is simply unacceptable for the re-investigation to be conducted by the ATs
Nice dot joining Sarcs, clearly spelling out the issues which involve CASA and the ATSB 'top management' in a truly disgraceful event. Big response though, crumbs, we get the Dr. John, dog, pony and mind reading show, why am I so undewhelmed? Does anyone realise what the Pel-Air scandal truly was; ye gods, what does it take to get anyone off their arse in this country. You can get fired and prosecuted for calling a female work colleague 'Sweetheart', you can be tossed into the street for breast feeding a child in the movies, but play at silly buggers with an investigation into an air accident and it's off to lunch with the SMH, or all expenses paid to Montréal.

I can't believe 'they' even have the nuts to try it on, let alone have Dolan running it. Hells bells, they may even get away with it – then what? Why is it you can never find a Senator when you need one. Makes me wonder if all the estimates rhetoric and inquiry recommendation are just so much egocentric hot air, feeding public image and keeping the flaccid balloon of government aloft.

It is no where near good enough, not by a bloody long shot.

Put it another way - Johnson was fired from the ministry for denigrating the boat building fraternity. Hawke gets a government issue chocolate frog, (rum flavoured).

Time to wake up.

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