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I was / am in this position, I am dealing with it thus;
  • Started with a few local flights in varying conditions
  • Added a little difficulty by taking longer trips, having to concentrate for longer
  • Added some beacon tracking to a route
  • Started taking trips out of the local area or to areas I had never been to
  • Next up is to land away somewhere I have never been to
  • Then a land away via complicated airspace
I have already had some good decision making experience; setting off on a navex when the METAR gave 9999 but once airborne I found I could not see much due to haze under an inversion, assessed for a minute, back to tower and landed, 0.3 and no harm done.

For me the key is not to try and do too much too quickly, confidence is built slowly and knocked down quickly.

And don't forget, it is supposed to be fun
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