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The "Doc Johnny diagram", if it purports to represent links in a chain of events, shows at balloon #3 CAsA AOC approval process. It should have headed the diagram #1 with all subsequent time line balloons radiating from it.

At great risk of opposition, I say;

The flight was an Aero Tropics flight, flown in an aircraft with Aero Tropics written down the fuselage, using Aero Tropics tickets, issued by a subsidiary travel agent of Aero Tropics, on an Aero Tropics RPT route, but flown by Transair pilots in a Transair aircraft.

The AOC was faulty.

This is the first link in the causal chain of the accident and had it been addressed by a competent regulatory authority, the accident would have been prevented. It also shows where the culpability lies.

The diagram supports this theory but is in error in the first line of balloons in so much as balloon #3 should have headed line 1 with the other six balloons on line 2.

Someone may be able to photostrop (sic) /edit this diagram to show what I'm trying to portray. That concept is beyond me.
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