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Had a very helpful Luton controller once when doing that.
I've always found Luton very helpful. I've been routed over the approach end of the runway several times at 1500'.

PPL V, ATC are there to assist you in completing your flight safely. I sometimes think that some pilots would have you believe that they are there to stop you flying. The best way to go somewhere is to draw a straight line, then have a look at stuff like gliding sites, gas vents and the usual guff. Then have a plan B if for some reason you can't get a class D transit. 95% of the time you will get a transit but buff up on your R/T and sound professional when you speak to people.

I like the caff at Tollerton, I'm there maybe a couple of times a year as it's only 10-15 minutes away and a good place to drop in on when the weather is pants and you need that bacon butty.
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