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A gauntlet, foresooth.

A very 'enigmatic' post from an inscrutable Sarcs; a challenge (must be a choc frog in it). Hmm, lets see what the research wizard has winnowed from the chaff. Well there's two better (as in journalistic improvement), if 'fluffy' (Marosszeky quotes) articles from the mainstream media, which do go beyond the usual dribble, both being researched and very well written. Perhaps someone could send them to that GT fool, as an exemplar....

There is well deserved praise for Alan Stray's Indonesian AAI protégés, who really have excelled so far in all departments, including an impeccable demonstration of the spirit, intent and execution of ICAO Annexe 13 obligations. As 13 is the unimpeachable 'code' of all sensible, responsible, honest accident investigators, it's laudable, although not surprising that the teachings of Alan Stray have found root and flourished. Well done Indonesia, well done Mr. Stray..Bravo ...

And well done – BASARNAS – another first class, collaborative Australian/Indonesian training effort; resulting in first class SAR services done nicely in the finest traditions of the excellent AMSAR; which does not allow Muppets on deck; or, to speak on their behalf. Bravo....

I believe the subtle Sarcs message is twofold. Firstly the disgraced Australian ATSB is shown to still be lacking in essentials by comparison with the impeccable actions of an investigative body, trained by the same man who greatly assisted the ATSB to be, once upon a time, a first class outfit. As opposed to the shambles it has become under the current 'leadership'. Nuff said...Secondly, perhaps this is the start of a campaign to have the Senate insist, not request, but insist that Alan Stray, or his nominee revisit the wreck of Pel-Air, in an attempt to remove the very large CASA induced blot on the ATSB copy book. First rate notion, provided the Senate committee calls for a hand in the game. (After all, they did trigger the review).

Sarcs has been particularly cunning with the rest of his puzzle, in order to draw any inferences, first we must ask questions. Why is Be-a-Cur having little 'snippets' published off-shore?; why is it that for the last five years the only 'quotes' we get are from the unspeakable Uriah Heep of aviation? and who is 'pushing his barrow' in an attempt to regain his long lost reputation?. That's all fairly self evident; but, crafty Sarcs brings in three doyens of the Alan Stray school of investigation and their own quotes; in the published articles. Quotes which beg the biggies – has the ATSB worm finaly turned?, and, who 'green-lighted' them to speak?

Looking back at the not-so-happy snap of that trio, pre departure Mascot for the Ukraine, you could, from the body language get the idea that there was a restrained fury, lurking not too far from the ATSB sub-surface. Now people the calibre of Godley, Hattley or Soejatman are 'professionals' in every sense and not given to discussing the lunch menu with the press, or talking out of school. So we are, once again left to wonder, which are the winning numbers for next weeks lottery? Perhaps the psychic, voice mail analyst Walker can tell us at the next BRB séance......

Sarcs – Handing over.

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