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Last on MH 370.

As Lefty correctly points out; we have our own troubles here at home; however. Franks' question is a valid one, in relation to how the Australian system will be viewed as a direct result of the Albo & Co legacy, the MoU and Pel-Air.

Global Research - Many people are asking why the Australian over the horizon radar Jindalee Operational Radar Network (JORN) did not see MH370. The map below showing the JORN range is taken from an Australian Air Force fact sheet on JORN (https://www.airforce.gov.au/docs/JORN_Fact_Sheet.pdf):
As I keep pointing out; the more Australia gets 'embroiled' the more danger there is that the 'credibility' of Angus Houston and by default the government will be tarnished by the 'say nothing' syndrome. This is why IMO it is crucial that open, honest, considered, professional opinion is offered, to each credible theory; even if it's a 'negative'. It beats the vacuum of no information into a cocked hat. Jetsbest's post is a perfect example of why communication, from accredited, qualified experts works so well and pays dividends; it is, as Sarcs mentions, not only totally credible, but earns gold stars. "Yes, we have carefully examined that theory and feel comfortable dismissing it, here's why". Full stop, gold star, media applause and maximum public credibility.

But no, in true Australian style in house politics at departmental level has to be played, the Be-a-Cur life support system weighs in and suddenly, in the midst of the straight, steady leadership of Houston and the excellent AMSA services, the Muppet creeps onto centre stage and into the media. Seems MH 370 is now to be cynically used in a vainglorious attempt to resurrect an image; not that of the ATSB mind you, but that of one who's very own Senate in Parliament dismissed it, with publicly stated open contempt.

It was always going to be tough enough for Julia Bishop to keep the collective Australian arse out of the blow back from MH 370, even with the credibility of Houston and AMSA front and centre. But with the Murky Machiavellian's glove puppet love child leading the way, from the pages of the SMH restaurant guide, mission impossible seems an appropriate title. What's next, Be-a-Cur does MKR? (gods spare us).

The Indonesian NTSB must be so happy that they got their act together and adopted the Alan Stray system rather than the 'beyond all reason' methodology and may rightfully compare their excellence now to be superior to that of the country which not only exported Stray, but then provided the world with the co author of the Pel-Air fiasco. Can you believe as 'the' accredited expert to lead the way to solving the confused MH 370 puzzle. Yeah, I also though it a joke until the Australian media was boycotted in favour of the international set. Perhaps the next planned stop is meant to be Montreal; then ICAO can have a matching pair. What a set of bookends to have on the mantelpiece, what a conversation starter that would make.

FFS someone bang on the miniscule's door, his alarm clock must have stopped working and he's late; almost too late......

Toot –toot – Tick-tock - CLICK MH 370....

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