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The trouble with cover-ups.

In case you missed it here is the most relevant part of my Senate thread post - Aviation Mandarin, JORN & the sleepy echidna.
...If so there would yet again be another fascinating connection to MH370, for it seems that the RAAF has been dancing the tango with Malaysia under the Five Power Defence Arrangements for 43 years and the IADS has always been under the command of a RAAF AVM.

Reference from page 84 - The Five Power Defence Arrangements:The Quiet Achiever:
The Commander of IADS has always been an Australian Air Vice Marshal
assisted by a deputy who rotates between Malaysia and Singapore.
Reference from the Strategist article - FPDA—not fade away:
Unlike the echidna, the FPDA has at least adjusted its gait to move with the times, re-badging IADS from integrated air defence to area defence as far back as 2001. Exercise and interoperability themes have since been broadened from conventional defence to HADR and maritime security. FPDA was not publicly invoked during the search for MH 370, but the disaster has focused an operational spotlight on the need for integrated air surveillance and SAR coordination across Southeast Asia and beyond. The apparent failure to track the airliner as it passed north of Butterworth was not IADS’ finest hour. But the continuing multinational search operation has unquestionably benefited from the institutionalised trust built up between Malaysia and its fellow FPDA members.
This apparent anomaly - although totally missed by most Oz MSM - was not missed by the international MSM nor the TBA.

Example from IBT - MH370: Australia Seems Conspiring to Hide Something, Random Letter Sparks Questions on Au’s Security Radar :
...With this, he explained that JORN can search most of the way to India.
"Given this, the only way for the radar not to have detected something like MH370 is for it to be switched off at the time, which raises its own questions."

The most interesting detail the Mr La Franchi pointed out is that Australia, Malaysia, Singapore and the United Kingdom jointly operate the Five Power Defence Arrangement (FPDA) integrated air defence centre based in Malaysia.

He said that Australia had even funded the modernisation of the centre back in 1990. The modernisation entailed for the centre to be able to "recognised air picture" of all of Southeast Asian airspace using feeds from both civil and military radars.

"That centre has a live feed into the Australian Air Defence Ground Environment (ADGE) which underwent extensive modernisation across the 2000s. The FPDA integrated air defence data is fused with data from JORN in the ADGE, with this data available in real time at centres in Adelaide, Canberra and Newcastle," he explained.

With this information at hand, Mr La Franchi could not understand why MH370 was never detected by Australian system.
Kharon - "...Thanks JB; a good post serving to highlight, very well, the difference a considered, informed opinion can make to 'speculation'. It makes perfect sense – once explained. Perhaps if more explanations of this calibre were provided, the public anxiety and suspicion levels would drop along with wind in some 'theorists' sails..."

Sorry "K" in the case of #MH370 I beg to differ... Maybe with a cover-up like that revealed with PelAir it is still possible to contain the leaks and amp up the smoke machine and add a few more mirrors but with #MH370 it simply has a life of its own.

To give an example take a look at the following article from Malay-mail online - Surviving MH370: One woman cries conspiracy. The following quotes are from under the by-line - 'A cover-up?':
“It doesn’t smell right and exactly what is going on, I honestly don’t know. I have no question what-so-ever that there is a cover up, at least related to MH370,” she said, adding that information has been withheld intentionally.
“There is nothing that has been proven correct in the entire investigation, nothing, no proof,” she concluded.
“It could be that the cover up is that literally they don’t know. It could be that everybody is mystified and honestly doesn’t know and really covering that up by claiming that they know where it is in the ocean. “I just don’t believe that it’s in the ocean. “Every expert that I’ve talked to says it’s impossible for an airplane like that to go into the ocean without debris, impossible,” she said. Bajc said the official story has so many holes in it that “it’s impossible to believe”. “I hear all the theories, some of them are absolutely crazy but most of them are more believable to me than the official story. So that’s why I continue to work at finding the truth,” she said, adding that now, she’s spending five to ten hours a week on finding answers.
Pause for a moment and consider that this is just one obviously educated, intelligent woman's opinion that something does not 'smell right' - now expand that by how many millions?? Then consider who the PM & DPM have (by default) put in charge of the search for what is no doubt the highest profile aircraft disappearance mystery the world has ever seen...

A muppet who colluded/conspired to help perpetuate the PelAir cover-up; ..a muppet who after the Senate AAI report is now the most di-credited active bureaucrat involved in aviation safety administration/oversight in this country;..a muppet who appears to have gone rogue on the JACC & is now leaking to the international MSM...
Kharon - Thanks JB; a good post serving to highlight, very well, the difference a considered, informed opinion can make to 'speculation'. It makes perfect sense – once explained. Perhaps if more explanations of this calibre were provided, the public anxiety and suspicion levels would drop along with wind in some 'theorists' sails.
Now to contradict myself if we were to go back in time...

Nailed down Ferryman... Jetsbest post is exactly what should have come out of the JACC back then i.e. theory considered, measured, assessed and properly discounted...JB help yourself to the Tim Tams...

I'll be back...
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