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Originally Posted by Whopity View Post
A Closure notice is a fair indication that the operator is not satisfied in accordance with Para (1) Therefore; a Commander, should not take off or land there.
Is this in response to me questioning the fact that you implied I broke the law by logging trips to farm strips during my training? If so, what has it got to do with anything - we're not talking about closed airfields, we're talking about unlicensed ones. Even the original poster wasn't talking about this, he was talking about a trip to Sywell which was NOTAMmed as unlicensed, not closed.

Prior to the relaxation of the rules, the ANO specifically stated that flights for the purpose of training for a licence or rating were confined to Licensed Aerodromes. Whilst flights into farm strips had "training value" they could not be logged as part of the experience required for the issue of a licence.
Well, exactly. My flights were post rule relaxation! So what did I do wrong?

Anyone who has made a licence application based on the use of aerodromes where training was illegal could be subject to prosecution under the Act!
So I still need a citation that shows it was illegal to use a farm strip during my training. We're just going around in circles here. You've pointed out the situations of a closed airfield, and training at an unlicensed aerodrome prior to the rule relaxation. Neither of which are relevant!
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