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Curiously intriguing.

Playing around with a 'parallel' chronology is an interesting pastime while digesting Christmas plum pudding; many curious little anomalies fall out. For instance, the White –Sangston email chain from the AAI evidence squeezes the 2004 MoU into the frame as being the 'active' MoU for the Pel-Air ditching event investigation, rather than the unsigned (at the time) 2010 version. There are subtle differences (see appendix A); which exclude such things as the AILU (CASA White) becoming 'actively' involved. Then we have the small matter of the parallel investigation which got off the mark remarkably quickly, compared to the usual pace at which these events have, historically, taken place. CASA could have requested and been granted a 'representative' to be taken in as part of the 'team', but the AILU swinging into top gear, jumping the gun and getting embroiled begs some interesting questions.

There's the small matter of the IIC getting all bent out of shape and going postal; not mention Cook and Christie' s high dudgeon departures. The Canadians 'mention', in veiled terms these and other 'aberrations'. It leaves you wondering, was TSBC given "all" the information; or, just left to make the best they could off of a very narrow window (keyhole?).

I find it hard to believe that the ATSB is even going to be allowed to investigate the ATSB, let alone under the Sangston ToR, it's outrageous. The whole thing smells off, leaves a bitter aftertaste and a lingering smoky finish. One thing for certain sure, there is no way that we can ever trust or rely on any future ATSB report while the same crew (on both sides) are running the show, just dare not trust 'em. But then, what else could you expect from anyone who starts an email, to the man who's been most affected by the botched Pel-Air report with the derogatory salutation "G'day Mr James" and continues in a similar, condescending fashion right through to the end of missive.

"Nick Xenophon, come on down and bring your mates with you". Start with a resolution to not accept anymore perverted, fractured or slightly disingenuous reports on accidents. The Darwin Braz and Canely Vale both could stand an official brush down and a tune up, if they are to accepted by a Coroner. They cannot possibly be relied on for a legally safe decision as they stand, considering the large black cloud over the tarnished ATSB track record, under the auspices of the 2010 MoU.

Hogmanay is the last day of the old year; what a great time to clean out the dross. Have a good one, stay safe and Plan B like crazy. You just never know when it's your turn, had a mate booked DUI one late-ish night a couple of years back, heading home on a jinker trail in a Qld State forest; half asleep aback a horse, which knew it's way home from the pub perfectly well. Toot toot:..............

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