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All your points are all fine and Dandy, but:

Make the Bnuc-s course compulsory for model pilots so it covers general flying and not just commercial use, whilst making the cost 50-100 instead of 1500!!!
Why?? What will that achieve? How will this stop the nutters flying on the LHR approach...?

As suggested here earlier, create a registration system for UAS vehicles. Have an online database with owner details.
Is the LHR nutter really going to bother?

Hold shops accountable to ensuring customers have said qualification / complete the registration.
Many of the vidoes on YT showing flagrant breaches of the ANO are filmed using 'drones' built from components. Google 'Team Black Sheep' for a start - they'll even sell you a kit, posted from outside the UK.
Do you ban/register the sale/import of brushless motors? ESCs? Props? Carbon tube? Nuts and bolts??

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