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have I gone wrong somewhere on questions 1 and 3 ???
No. But in Question 4, the drift angle should be subtracted, not added, to get the TT so the correct answer is 099.

As far as I can see, only Question 2. has the correct answer in the alternatives.

Calculate the distance AB via the shortest route. A: 16056'E and 08954'N, B: 01904'W and 06613'N.
16056'E and 01904'W are on opposite meridians. As 1' of latitude = 1 nm, the distance between A and B is the difference between the latitudes across the N pole, in '. Ie: 90-89 54' + 90-66 13' = 6' + 1427' = 1433 nm.

2 points are located on the same longitude and on 34 30' N and 26 20' S respectively. The distance between both points is:
Once again, the distance between the 2 points = the difference between the latitudes in '. Ie: 34 30' + 26 20' = 2070' + 1580' = 3650 nm.

A track error of 2 degrees is bullsh*t in a small airplane if there is any variable wind.
"who cares?".
Not much help to the OP who has an exam to do.

Am I missing something? Terry
No, Terry. It's just a test of the candidate's understanding of the principles.


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