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Further to my post regarding catapults, I would like to pose a legal question. Suppose a drone is flying over my house, and obviously photographing activity in my backyard. If I shoot it down with a catapult and the act is captured on the drone's camera, what is the legal position?
Your evidence that it is an illegally operated drone is only your own opinion. There is always the possibility that the drone is legitimately operated but has been given duff information (map coordinates). That is hardly an offence worthy of shooting down by Joe Public.

Although very unlikely, there is also the possibility that the Police or security services are operating the drone, or it is being operated on their behalf, e.g. looking for the perpetrator of a crime or a missing person. Just suppose the one you hit lost control and caused a car to swerve and hit pedestrians? Is that the fault of the drone pilot?

As Peter G-W says, ANOs regarding the endangering of aircraft apply. You have no control over where the drone will go after hitting it.
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