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Show me the justification for these changes, and the cost benefit analysis....
What problem is CASA trying to fix??
CASA must have done a full risk analysis and cost/benefit justification, because CASA told the ASRR, in a written submission, that all recommendations of the Hawke Inquiry had been fully incorporated by CASA (The same Dr. A.Hawke, AC who is "Chairperson" of CASA), and one of the Hawke recommendations was that the Byron Directive 1/2007 be adopted (as it had been by Bruce Byron -- over much near revolt by the "Iron Ring" -- resulting in the immediate involuntary departure from CASA of the leader of the revolting).

For those of you who don't remember, (and it is no longer on the CASA web site, presumably because it has been incorporated -- or is there another reason it has disappeared, like so much else that used to be available -- "Year Zero" being about 2010) Directive 1/2007 required all regulation to have a risk management justification, and resort to regulation was to be a last resort, not the first, and then it had to be cost/benefit justified -- in short, Government legislative policy/OBPR guidelines were mandatory.

I do hope nobody suggests that the CASA submission to the ASRR/Forsyth Inquiry contained a few porkies -- they wouldn't do that, would they, to their own Chairperson???

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