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The new procedure applies to all MSNs across the fleet (A318, A319, A320 and A321).

The new procedure was mandated by EASA AD 2014-0221 this summer. It covers recovery from problems not originally considered as part of the old procedure. All AFMs were to be amended by a TR including this procedure by the end of October, 2014.

Recycle landing gear.
Note: For recycling, select landing gear lever up, wait for landing gear uplock and doors to close, then select landing gear lever down.

Wait 60 s with landing gear lever down:
If not successful :
The recycling must be attempted up to 5 times, if necessary.
Recycle landing gear.

Wait 60 s between each recycling.
If not successful after 5 recycles:
Wait 120 s.
Extend landing gear by gravity.
Terminating actions required for EOB 44 includes incorporating this new procedure into the FWC. So from now on, this procedure will be the one shown in ECAM actions.
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