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Arm Out The Window:

On the subject of the changes themselves, I think most people must be getting sick of the flood of venting which ensues as soon as anyone mentions the acronym CASA, and I'd like to respectfully suggest that rather than bash them at every opportunity, we aim to be constructive and forward-thinking in our criticism from here on in.
I agree with you that it is generally in your best interests to be both "constructive and forward thinking" in any discussion and negotiation.

However that only applies when you are dealing with someone who shares your values, beliefs and accepts that you have a right to continue to exist. This is generally termed as dealing in good faith.

CASA, if even ten percent of the evidence tendered is true, does not meet the criteria of dealing in good faith and therefore cannot be treated "constructively" and in a forward thinking manner as you would a reasonable person.

This is at the core of the review which found that there is a total lack of trust between regulator and regulated. Furthermore CASA again demonstrated a total untrustworthiness last month when it published a proposed rule making that would destroy the Jabiru brand if it was enacted the day before a scheduled consultation meeting on engine reliability was to be held.

Hence the advice of others here never to talk to CASA at all if possible and if absolutely necessary, take a witness, tape recorder and perhaps a lawyer as well.

To put that another way, you can't negotiate at all,, let alone be constructive and forward thinking with someone who has tried to kill you with an axe moments before and could just as easily try again. You overpower them, disarm them and have them locked up.

Anything less than condemnation of CASA and keeping them at arms length is just plain stupid until the beast demonstrates its changed.
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