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4Dogs, yes:

another doddering, superannuated, complaisant Canberra based RAAF creep like Skidmore...
As you may know, the Russell offices are known as "The Gray Sponge" and many a fine and active officer has gone in and come out Two years later completely lobotomised - zombie like with an unrecognisable personality as a result of consorting with the devils that reside there.

I don't believe that it is possible these days to arrive at the rank of Air Vice Marshal without having to play politics at the Russell Offices and thus get the lobotomy or the bite on the neck, whatever. The days of "action man" soldiers holding high rank are long gone, I think one General was lost in Afghanistan and none in Iraq, leading from the front is not in vogue any more. From what I’ve heard considerable numbers gain promotion by saying "yes" to al sorts of things. Conversely, no one gets promoted for saying "no".

So I'm sorry to say I think the chances of Skidmore being a new broom in CASA are zero. At best he may be the smiling avuncular face, good to have a drink with, an all round nice guy.. And after all is said and done, the senior management of CASA will still be there.

Mrdak appointed the Board and Skidmore. Do you think they will ever criticise each other?

As for ATSB, I wonder if Mrdak is brazen enough to choose another RAAF clone who knows their way around Canberra? My guess is yes. Then we will have a mutual admiration society, they can form a magic circle and engage in all sorts of RAAF rituals.

Seriously, I don't give much credit to todays general officers at all.

To put it another way, if reform is required, and it is, we need some highly skilled, intelligent, ethical and ruthless attack dogs running CASA, not some friendly Golden Retriever. An acquaintance of mine terms such good people "hard hearted empaths".
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