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Royal Commission or Judicial Inqiry...

The only way to have CAsA raked over the coals...and let all the victims and industry particpants say it like it really is, is to have one of the above.

Yes, I know they cost mega dollars, but CAsA has splurged mega billions over the years and for what national safety benefits.?
Extremely poor value for money.
So many of their money wasting brain snaps have withered on the vine with no outcome.
And most of the stuff that does get thru is causing GA to wither on the vine.

Read Tezza's last spruik in the monthly enews?. Bucket required.

Even the AFP mentioned a Royal Commission because there was so much bad stuff being done by its the only way to let it all hang out.

Keep banging the drum and support Sen X and crew.

Boom! boom! What do we want? . Boom boom Royal Commission now!
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