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To explode or quietly implode; that Sirrah, is the question.

Sarcs - "But to be fair Bea-cur wasn't to know that the Miniscule would also apparently go "off-script" and pronounce in Parliament less than 2 weeks later."..etc..
It just beats me; the AFP should be all over Pel-Air and Truss should be putting more than a polite request for "serious consideration" as distance between himself and Be-a-Cur; a good country mile and three bodies aught to do the trick. Particularly now as the 'Crikey Insider' and the 'Daily Mail' have got wind that there is great potential for yet another ducked up-cover up. The MH 370 situation is ugly and it can, realistically only end in tears: unless of course, there is a Christmas miracle and they actually find the wretched thing. (Send it back ET, the games up).

Allowing the publicly discredited, disingenuous Bea-Cur anywhere near the investigation is simply a red-rag to the conspiracy bull. Abbott needs his bumps felt; and, relying on the Murky Machiavellian crew for 'unbiased' guidance is just asking for trouble, particularly with regard to airports. Even the infamous Chem-Miln-ical Trails (plays for the Tassie Haridans) has been offered a free kick; as if the government had not got enough on it's plate. But no, Bea-Cur, unleashed, is free to lunch with panting, gushing, halfwit, neophyte wanabee journalists and even free to gossip with the likes of Bloomfield; it's nearly as disgusting as Wodger Wabbit popping up at the RAeS, as guest speaker FCS. Houston must be spitting chips. The PR guru's probably have some proper name for 'what it is' but for mine, it's plain old, ordinary, everyday pony-pooh. Pel-Air clearly discredited both, yet they attempt to crudely and clumsily resurrect reputations which were well tarnished, even before the Pel-Air 'aberration'. It's GMD.

Now I do realise that for the AFP it's a big ask; and, it's probably very difficult to even separate potential 'State' from 'Commonwealth' crimes; even tougher again, considering they must start from scratch to get a firm grip on what these monkeys have been up to. But if they would be guided by the Senators and more importantly, by the Senators 'aides' (who really are in a class of their own....) it would all, with a little patience, research and time prove to be a worthwhile effort. Perhaps no charges could ever be laid; but it would send a message, in clear; as in crystal.

I wonder, did the Murky Machiavellian crew have some inkling that the Minuscule was going to make the Pel-Air re-match 'happen'; 'cos if they did; it's Wabbit pie and Bea-Cur pudding for Christmas lunch, for as Shirley would say; they have both just been cut loose from the protected species club. Jolly good, say's I...

Toot toot.

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