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They want an airline without the costs because they cant give a flying f^%$& about aircraft - or the long term viability of the airline itself.

At the moment things are great because people are still buying QF tickets - they haven't yet worked out they should just be buying EK.

I actually trust EK's words on this. They are ecstatic in any mention of the 'Qf deal' and how well it worked out for them. There is such a thing as a win/win deal, I just cannot see Elaine having equalled Clark negotiating (because AJ is a desperate fool) and I also struggle to believe anything that comes out of AJ's mouth. Or, if anything is left unsaid by him there will be a VERY good reason. Further, he doesn't know one end of an aircraft from the other and in the past has been magnificently outplayed by anyone he has done a deal with in the airline world.

The EK deal is a disaster for QF long term. No ifs or buts about it.
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