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since my carer tasks don't start until mid morning I normally sleep in.
today for the first time in my long involvement in aviation I woke at 3am and lay there laughing for an hour.

it seems that the voluminous new rules bought in under the watch of fearful minister Truss cause some problems.
when you receive a ramp check you have to show your licence.
for an organisation that earns its very keep from flying the need to have the licences to show is quite pressing.

seems that one of the spirit of australia (non alcoholic as befits pilots) organised all its 3000 or so pilots to submit their applications for the new licences on the same day.
no doubt to ensure they were all ready for the next ramp check.

quite uncoordinated and independently the pilots who have never had sex got similarly organised. as it happens they were to apply 2 days later.

seems someone among the Clueless and Seriously [email protected] has a drawer full of pre decimal money because the penny dropped.
a plaintive letter was sent to those who have never enjoyed sex to please delay putting in their applications since there was some difficulty being experienced in the processing.

seems that under minister truss's watch the key performance indicators are seriously sliding in one of his organisations.

you have to wonder why the organisation in question didn't predict the need?

so folks CAsA need all the help they can get.
get your "next licensing interaction with CAsA" in as quick as you can. it all helps.

W8 gives the pilot initiative a 5 star thumbs up.

Minister Truss if the key performance indicators slip any further there will be sure to be questions asked in parliament.
Honestly its enough to worry an incompetent into a medical condition.

...I feel another fit of laughter coming on...
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