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Hopefully OJA is to be preserved because true believers with beating hearts want to see part of the company's heritage preserved
Thanks Fris B. Fairing, well said, I admit to having one of those hearts! There is a lot of Aviation history in OJA and I'm a huge supporter in preserving the Qantas heritage, as an Aussie, I'm proud of it!

Spent a lot of time sitting on the QFI 744s SYD/LHR, gained a lot of respect for them and their crews over the years. It would be a shame to see OJA looking like this at Victorville.

Albion Park would be a fitting home for OJA, great exposure for the Qantas brand and good for the Local business community, a wonderful "gift to Wollongong" from our National carrier. A win win for all of us.
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