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Hearing of ALDI / LIDL reminds me of friends who work in various Food sectors and Branded companys.

Aldi and Lidl typically make a contract for 6-12 months at an agreed price. If commodities go down then you make more money / up you don't. BUT ALDI/LIDL don't come back demanding rebate when commodities increase and refusing price increase when the have gone up. Its why manufacturers offer best prices to them as no coming back demanding money.

Big 4 constantly demanding rebates so its so surprise their suppliers do it as well.

Its one thinhg to be asking for a rebate from a large supplier who doing the same thing with everybod else but asking a small supplier with tiny margins who waits 90 days to get paid then its unfair.

Tesco recent troubles were a result of some of this carryon.
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