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rh200 - on the mine sites I have worked on in Australia in the past 5 years you are tested at the start of your shift (mandatory) and must register 0.00%. If you are a permanent employee and you blow numbers, you are sent back to camp. You have three chances. After three offences your employment is terminated. If you are a contractor - you are terminated immediately.

If you are involved in any incident / accident at all, you are drug and alcohol tested and if you register over 0.00% - again it is termination regardless.

Any external contractors coming on to site to carry out work must undergo a full drug and alcohol test.

Most camp messes are now dry or serve only mid-range beer or premix.

Workers are encouraged to self monitor as breathalyser units are placed at the camp and you can test yourself before you go to shift. If you blow over 0.00% then you call in sick. If you do this no action is taken against you.

On my last site workers were also tested before flying or driving out. If you were over 0.00% you were sent back to camp.

Most of the mines I have worked in have been too remote for anyone to slip to the pub for supplies. Your rooms were also checked for drugs and alcohol.

Not all mines have these policies, but those that do have the least accidents, and the staff have no issue with the rules.

Heavy equipment and alcohol or drugs are a lethal mix on a minesite. Pretty simple really. It's also in your employment contract - so if you don't like it then you don't have to take the job.
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