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am I correct in thinking that there is a zero limit in Australia
Used to be 0.08, now down to 0.05. A lot of mine employers have random breath tests, and your required to be 0.

Why the zero, from an employers view point and the duty of care legislation and all the others that go with it, their stuffed if you have an accident and there is a trace in your system.

Basically they say they can't argue from a legalize viewpoint that you weren't affected by that trace amount. Well thats their excuse anyway.

So what is a safe amount? Without getting into an emotive argument, it depends upon various factors. once you start getting down to the very low levels, then there may be other dominating factors affecting your judgment and reaction time.

Think of it as an equation with dominating factors. Lack of sleep for example is one than can affect you far more than low alcohol levels. As for statistics, as usual you need to be aware that its hard to work out in a lot of situations if it was the alcohol that caused it, and hence if was going to happen anyway.
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