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dropping the limit to 0.08% would have minimal impact on drunk driving accidents. It would however make a number of otherwise responsible adults into criminals.
I'm becoming convinced that that last part is the real ultimate goal - to make everyday behavior criminal, then those in power can use selective enforcement to control all our actions
do you mean drinking (and driving) is everyday behaviour?
no, seriously, as much as I'd like a beer (or two) with my dinner - I totally believe it has to be a zero. If you're in somewhere remote with no traffic, then there probably won't be any police either. But if there is - well, who said he's never worried about his driving, as he knows he's reasonable, it's the others to watch out for?

P.S some 30 years ago, walking on a dark forest road (well, not a totally dirt road, but nice forests), a car stopped, the driver opened the door and would have had a face plant, if God hadn't organised a driving-wheel for him to grab from, and kind-of articulated: "Where's the bunny going?"
Was I scared? - No. He wouldn't have been able to use his legs anyway. For getting out of his car, that is.
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