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As I understand it, time is the factor. (BBC radio doctor some years ago.) No food or coffee will help, other than to increase one's metabolic rate but the effect is minimal. The coffee does add time.

I've been cycling until the cold spell, and now I'm in the poo, because I haven't been in a British winter for over a decade and my designated driver of the last half century has departed, so my lunchtime trips to the yacht club, my only entertainment, rely on being sensible. The thing is, I know one ceases to be sensible after a couple of drinks. So, a formula:

Allow half an hour for the burn to start. Then, at least half an hour for each unit to be burnt. Then half an hour to give some leeway.

Personally, I have a J2O followed by a couple of halves of cider. One pint in 2.5 hours. The thing is to always do the same, the body seems to just accept that level if it never varies. Evenings, I buy good-ish wine and stay in.

What surprises me is the kind of people that down four to five pints and head off home. So often they're professionals - in the true sense of the word. Retired gentlemen that wouldn't do harm to a fly, and yet they are blind to this issue. Odd that.

Anyway, I'd hate to have a zero level imposed as I'm quite unable to take public transport of any sort. I suppose I could get used to being dry, but I can't imagine being very jovial while surrounded by merry people.
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