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Hanged Thorny, not hung.

Interesting, sober piece - HERE – from AA, featuring Chris Manning. There was rumour that Manning was in the DAS race; but that was discounted. Manning has far too much sense, probably no need of and precious little interest in 'that job', considering the Tiger experience and all. But, the AA August article does merrily dance around the proposition and flirts with the notion, just fails to convince.

There are however two remaining top aviation positions which, if the pundits have nailed it down, will need to be filled before forward progress can be made. ASA can wait, for a little while; but, the ATSB must be taken away from the stench of Pel-Air, which is a constant cause for concern to those seeking MH 370. The ATSB leadership is an international embarrassment; to the troops, the industry and given the way 'covert' MH 370 investigations are heading, to the government.

The Canucks finally (eventually) managed to publish a genteel, cleverly structured report on the ATSB which delivered a fairly thorough wet lettuce flogging, even allowing, as Lefty mentions, it managed to black an eye or two. This is all being seen as PC window dressing, framed in 'diplomatic' language. Not being expert on diplomatic double speak, at first read the WFT is this message flashes; however the grown ups assure me that, for exponents of double speak the report was as close to a public humiliation as it is possible to get; without declaring the bleeding obvious.

So, bottom line; Be-a-Cur must go, he has in the past been 'reassigned' within the secret, protected world of the professional public servant. It's not the first job he made a complete dogs breakfast of and had to leave, under a cloud. So new desk and office will not cause any angst and with conscience and humiliation not in his lexicon, life will continue, unabated, within in the shadowy, protected world, unchanged. A good riddance.

That leaves behind his partners in crime, those who willingly and happily raped the TSI act and dropped their daks to cavort about the CASA altar. Which leaves a nasty little situation for whoever is appointed to take over from Be-a-Cur. It must be an outsider, no one in their right minds would try to push the remnants and oddments left behind from the Norfolk imbroglio forward; which leads us to the 'who then' question.

Just a feeling really, but if they could persuade a first rate fellah, like Manning to take the job, even short term and give him a large axe, I reckon things could be improved, in fairly short order over at ATSB. There certainly is no shortage of good material to work with, just sort out the mess at the top, get a few more accident investigators in, get rid of the excess admin to pay for it; and, off you go. I wonder, if Chris Manning is bored with golf and would welcome a diversion from the common round.

No doubt we shall see. But something has to be done and Be-a-Cur must go, for he cannot stay.

Toot toot.

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