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Now lets see? BGT?, Basic Gas Turbine??

Okay, take a tube, put a fan at the front then an axial compressor or a centrifugal compressor or both (see Wickyleaks).

Draw air in the front by spinning the whole assembly, by either an electric motor, or bleed air impinging on a turbine wheel.

This compresses the air being drawn in the front.

Pass the compressed air into a can, add atomized fuel and chuck in a match.

Fuel burns and expands the air which passes across Turbine wheels, which are much the same as the compressor wheels.

Energy is extracted by turning the turbine wheels which in turn spin the compressor wheels.

The net result is the energy absorbed at the front then expanded in the middle is less than the energy expended out the back, known as thrust, and bobs your uncle the whole thing attached to the airframe is propelled forward.

Roll up roll up...pay money...BGT course available here!!!

Now don't get me started in explaining how a 4 cycle piston engine works!!

Much too complicated for normal people to comprehend!
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