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Some assistance from HF experts maybe Mr Ben Cook (now in the ADF ) would be justified.
Sorry Biscuit, Ben has moved on again and is now at Vic rail, but I am sure that like most good ex CASA people he will be watching the circus with great amusement.

At least the TSBC has nailed Beaker for what he truly is - a total liability. However Truss is the bigger fool for allowing the beardless one to be reappointed for two years. Tsk tsk tsk Warren the IOS warned you
And what about Pumpkin Head? Seems his little empire has a few splinters in it that are turning into giant sinkholes. But yet again the IOS have been warning Herr Truss. And did he listen? Of course not, he reappointed the man with no neck.
What about the ridiculous MOU between CASA and the ATSB that the Witchdoctor put together? Another piece of ideology formed for sinister reasons. It is yet another failure. But don't worry Minister, the IOS have been warning the big wigs in Can'tberra for eons that this 'removal of ATSB independence' (and that is all it is) was flawed and dangerous. It's an embarrassment and you can imagine the CASA and ATSB meetings in the past where the Skull would bark across the board table at Beaker and say 'get me another coffee, and some biccies, and get it now', and of course Beaker would softly comply. Add that to the CVD debacle, the recent ASA LAHSO shenanigans, credit card misuse at both organisations, Jabiru, Barrier and the list goes on forever!! Yep, a real clusterf#ck of abhorrent proportions

Sarcs, may I? TICK TOCK goes the FAA clock.
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