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Here's a story; A had his car stolen from his drive one day. He heard that there was a small gang of thieves, maybe just one person, operating in his area. He boasted in the diner/pub that he would get the little scrote, called B.

So A bought a used car, and parked it in a little used car park one evening, leaving the door open and the key in the ignition.

He retired to a point about 100m away, where he concealed himself in a firing position with his rifle and NV sight (this is the USA). When B appeared and got into the car, as A knew he would, A waited until he ran the engine, then shot B in the head.

A turned himself in immediately, saying that he was defending his property, and that B deserved what he got.

I'm interested in the views from the USA about this; it's not an exact parallel, but it is a development of the German-in-the-garage matter, with the same features of a carefully laid trap, and a killing when there was no real threat to the life of the shooter.

Would you give A a lethal injection or a medal?
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