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Your previous 'expert' analysis of airline business models has been proved to be less than accurate so you will have to excuse me if I take your critique of Jet2 and its future with a pinch of salt.

Secondly, you were critical of peoples comments regarding BA during their financial troubles and the impact these comments would have on employees, yourself in particular. And yet you are free and easy with your own damning comments with little regard for the impact on staff, and with apparently little knowledge of the company in question other than hearsay and speculation.

Jet2 are increasing in size and are providing employment opportunities for experienced captains and for young hopefuls starting their flying careers. Four additional B738's joining the fleet this winter, and I would guess the 300's will start to disappear in the coming years. The company is not for everyone; I challenge any airline to say that all of their pilots are totally happy and content. Read some of the threads in Fragrant Harbour about Cathay Pacific to hear how bad things can get

I have no idea if Jet2 will last 2 years or 20, but I could say the same for many airlines. The reality at the moment is they are there, they are employing, they have been giving pay rises and they are making money. Just not good enough for some though!
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