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Question Upcycling / Recycling an RB211-524

Hi all,

I'm working on a resource management thesis, specifically looking into recycling or upcycling an aircraft jet engine. I chose to focus on the RB211-524 series engines (G or H, etc) in particular, given whereabouts they are in their life-cycle, and have come across a few technical questions which I'm hoping PPRuNe can help me with!

  • I've not got a wealth of materials data for the engines, but I am sure there will be some metals capable of working in high temperature environments (i.e. a tech-savvy friend mentioned p-clips). Is anybody aware of temperature resistant components which could be used elsewhere? (Perhaps nuts / bolts / washers, if nothing else?)
  • Are the screw thread sizes standard (i.e. non-aviation specific)?
  • Are there any other standardised parts which can be used outside of the aviation industry? I've found some info about some of the electrical parts which have uncommon voltage and frequency requirements (oil pressure sensors of 26v 400Hz, actuators and sensors which use 24v DC or 115v 400Hz AC, shut off valves which use 28v DC, etc) and I'm struggling for re-applications! Upcycling these would be really good.
  • Contaminated parts. If anyone knows which parts would be unsalvageable as they are contaminated after use I'd be most appreciative.
  • Enthusiasts: one of my recommendations will be to sell to enthusiasts everything which cannot be recycled nicely, or has more value as a part than of molten metal. I've done some scouring of the net but can't see many things (apart from the huge fan-blades) which enthusiasts would be interested in. Are there any common stories?

FYI, I've also found what I hope is the static version of the engine (RB211-24G). Does anybody know of the overlap?

Please fire away with questions as I know this is an odd request! Also, please let me know if this is in the wrong forum - I had a good look at the questions in each and figured this was the appropriate place.

Many thanks,

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