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Olive branch? temporary reprieve? Or Rule 101 - Divide & Conquer?

Call me a confirmed sceptic but I do wonder about Fort Fumble's timing for the release of the monthly missive - some of which is covered by the AA & AF online publications.

AA first on the handover period for DAS Skates:
New CASA DAS to start January 1 2015 after one-month handover

November 25, 2014 by Leave a Comment

Incoming DAS Mark Skidmore. (CASA)

Incoming Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) director of aviation safety (DAS) retired Air Vice Marshal Mark Skidmore will have a one-month handover period starting December 1 before formally taking up his new role.

The current CASA acting DAS Terry Farquharson said in his November briefing note published on November 25 that Skidmore would officially become the regulator’s DAS on January 1 2015.

Skidmore’s first month at CASA would be spent receiving briefings, meeting representatives from government, the aviation community and within the air safety regulator, Farquharson wrote.

“The transition will give Mark the smoothest possible start to his term as director, which will officially begin on 1 January 2015,” Farquharson said.
Skidmore was named as the permanent replacement to former DAS John McCormick on October 30 for a five-year term.

Farquharson has filled in as temporary DAS after McCormick finished up at CASA at the end of August.

The former F-111 pilot, who retired from the RAAF in 2012 and flies his own Globe Swift classic aircraft, said on the day he was appointed he would make listening to industry a priority.

“One of my priorities is to get out, listen to people and find out what some of those concerns are,” Skidmore told Australian Aviation.

“I want to build and enhance the reputation of CASA out there with industry.”

Skidmore’s arrival at CASA on December 1 meant he will be on deck when the federal government handed down its response to the Aviation Safety Regulatory Review, which was due before the end of the year.

Farquharson said “everyone in aviation will welcome Mark to his new role”.

“Mark places high importance on consultation and communication so you can expect to hear from him in one way or another in the not too distant future,” Farquharson said.
Not much that we didn't already know although I do wish Skates would drop the pretence that he needs to listen to industry to find out what the concerns are....FFS read the bloody Forsyth report & the couple of hundred publicly available industry submissions and get on with it...

The other article from Oz Flying is more interesting given the fact that a reasonably high profile AAT hearing has just concluded (& waiting now on the President's deliberations) and a AAA conference is currently being held on the Gold Coast...:
CASA to probe Aerodrome Regulations

26 Nov 2014

CASA will conduct a review of aerodrome regulations with the aim of reducing the burden on the aviation industry.

The objectives for the review include a gap analysis against ICAO standards to align rules with international best practice and collaborating with the aviation industry to improve the regulations without compromising safety.

In announcing the review in his CASA Briefing for November, Acting Director of Aviation Safety, Terry Farquharson said: "One key aim of the review will be removing any unnecessary regulatory burdens and costs resulting from the current aerodrome regulations. A project has been established to review Part 139 of the Civil Aviation Regulations and the associated manual of standards.

"These rules were implemented in 2003, meaning there have since been changes in international practices and standards, developments in the aviation industry and many evolutions in technology."

According to CASA, the aviation industry is loaded with unnecessary cost and operating impacts resulting from:
  • the ongoing transition from legacy standards which existed prior to the CASR Part 139 implementation
  • requirements in Part 139 MOS which exceed equivalent ICAO Annex 14 requirements without clear justification
  • disconnects between Part 139 and other CASA regulatory parts, standards and advisory information
  • inflexible standards which necessitate compliance with legacy technology when superior infrastructure and equipment has since become available
  • standards which don't reflect the operating requirements for current-generation aircraft
  • complexities with understanding the three types of aerodrome categorisation under Part 139 as well as Aeroplane Landing Areas and Helicopter Landing Sites which are unregulated.
The review will result in a Notice of Proposed Rule Making (NPRM) being developed for industry comment.

More information on the review is available on the CASA website.
If this is truly the first step by FF to repair the damages inflicted by the previous DAS Skull - & not another attempt to wedge individual sectors of the industry - then we should also shortly see similar initiatives/retractions for Part 61, CVD pilots, proposed Charity Flight regulation..etc...etc. To do otherwise will be to show further contempt for the GA industry.

Just a reminder to Caroline Wilkie who according to the following is the Co-Chair of the AUG...
Airspace and Infrastructure Users Group

The Airspace and Infrastructure Users Group (formerly known as the Airspace Users Group) is a joint CASA/aviation community forum for the development of regulations and standards pertaining to airspace, air traffic control, communications/ navigation/ surveillance air traffic management (CNS/ATM) and aerodromes.

  • Caroline Wilkie - Industry
  • Roy Tuomela - CASA

View the members.

Working groups/project teams
  • Part 175 Project Team
  • Offshore Helicopter Working Groups
Current activity

This sub-committee has been involved with the pre-issue clearance of consultative documents for Notice of Proposed Change 139/03 – Proposed amendments to MOS Part 139-Aerodromes, as well as Amendments to Part 65 Air Traffic Services Licensing.

Terms of reference

The Airspace and Infrastructure Users Group is responsible for:
  • Reviewing and analysing all information relating to tasks involving the development of regulations and standards pertaining to airspace, air traffic control, communications/navigation/surveillance air traffic management (CNS/ATM) and aerodromes;
  • Evaluating and developing options on the proposals;
  • Identifying, documenting and raising issues that need attention/resolution and report to the SCC as required;
  • Reviewing the impact of proposals using the Legislative Change Proposals procedure;
  • Discussing and clarifying the role and expectations of the sub-committee's members early in the process to avoid misunderstandings;
  • Fostering balanced and complete discussion on proposals, and working through all technical, legal and policy issues dealing with the development of regulations and standards related to airspace, air traffic control, communications/navigation/surveillance air traffic management (CNS/ATM) and aerodromes;
  • Reviewing and analysing information relating to Regulatory Development implementation.
...the AAA may have had a win here but do not forget that you also need to protect the interests of your fellow TAAAF members who only last week lambasted the miniscule & department for being tardy in responding to the Forsyth report and announcing the other FF board members. They (which includes you) were also demanding a moratorium be placed on any further regulatory actions till Skates is in full control...over to you CW!

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