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King of Spamberra, speaks to the masses.

well apparently M&M is mounting a rear guard action
He's certainly 'mounting' a rear something – again. Seems to me if the fire had not been lit in the first place, he wouldn't be out there now, pee-ing on it. Airports will be of great interest over the coming months; considering. I wonder who arranged matters so that 'airport owners' were led to believe that almost anything goes, and, once the nasty, noisy aircraft were forced out, with a little departmental help; the bulldozers could set to work.

"I think it is one of the most important tasks government and industry must work together on. More and more, the potential for high-rise residential development is threatening to encroach on flight paths and protected airspace around our airports."
Which is why Archerfield has just spent a serious amount of money in the AAT demonstrating just how closely the government and industry 'work' together. Bollocks..

But such regulations do not apply to smaller airports outside capital cities that are not federally regulated.
Not since someone changed the words, to make it all so much more 'buyer' friendly.

"It is important that planning by state and local governments take into account airports," he said. "Developments near airports and under flight paths can constrain operations. I recognise this is a challenge for state and local planners trying to maximise land use in their jurisdictions. But as we know, if we aren't protecting our long-term assets we aren't going to be meeting our growth challenge."
Suddenly – it becomes the States problem; I wonder how that came about? More trips to court I expect, to untangle it. Be too late by then of course, CASA will have the industry dead and buried long before the developers move in, to utilise the now unused land.

"This love of aviation services will continue," he said. "We have to plan and invest for this growth....."
Sure we do, here's a good plan. Lets ground half of the training fleet, then make the airports they use too short for legal operations, increase all the fees, turn the rabid safety watchdog loose to savage the survivors, use the AAT to decimate operators with any sort of financial ability to fight back. Then finally, we can create an atmosphere so toxic, with rules so complex and expensive to comply with, that only the protected 'airlines' will be able to survive; we must have a chairman's lounge.

Top plan, minuscule supported, well funded and in action at an airport near you. They're not bad at it, you have to admit.

Wish he'd just sit down and shut up though – makes my old wooden head hurt.....

Toot toot.

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